Connor Cleveland is a San Francisco Bay Area based Content Producer who works on digital content and social media packages for Tesla. His work has been seen in retail stores around the country and across Tesla’s social media platforms globally. He is a creative and resourceful team member who is goal-oriented and continuously meeting deadlines. Great with balancing life, film production and hobbies while maintaining high work efficiency. Connor earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Radio, Television & Film from the University of Texas at Austin.
For over three years at Tesla, Connor has crafted compelling video and photo projects tailored for a worldwide audience across various online platforms. From conceptualization and producing to shooting, editing, and final delivery, he has been deeply involved in every aspect of the video creation process, ensuring high-quality content is consistently delivered to the audience.

During his tenure at Tesla, Connor collaborated closely with company leadership and executives, drawing upon their expertise to enhance engineering-focused content and steer each project with strategic business direction. Throughout, he prioritized maintaining concise messaging while upholding the integrity of the brand's identity.

Technology and powerful storytelling have always fascinated Connor. While his profession lies in video producing, his heart belongs to film. He finds peace in immersing himself in movies and compelling content, expanding on the human connection to meaningful narratives, and the intricate relationship between striking design and impactful marketing.
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